Proforma for notifying Payroll Agency of your Pregnancy


The NUT's 'Maternity Matters' booklet suggests:

FAO: Kate Langford

Head of Payroll Agency


Leyton Municipal Offices

Dear Ms Langford,

' This is to notify you of my pregnancy. My expected date of childbirth is __________________ and, in confirmation of that date, I am enclosing a medical statement from my doctor (MAT B1).* It is my intention to exercise, at the conclusion of my absence for maternity, my right to return to my present teaching post.


It is also my intention, provided that I am fit, to continue to work until a date nearer to childbirth than eleven weeks beforehand. Accordingly I wish my absence to begin as from __________________.'


* Or: ' I will forward to you as soon as possible a medical statement from my doctor.'